Mornington Townhouses

Medium density development is about the better use of existing resources and infrastructure. It need not be about compromising living standards, though done poorly that it is certainly the outcome.

There is certainly less external space in a medium density development. But if that external space is prioritised to the north and the main living area also correctly orientated, then the outcome and outlook should be much more responsive and responsible than tens of thousands of existing Melbourne homes. Medium density can be a great opportunity and a great place to live.

For the owner of an existing inner suburban or bayside property, a dual occupancy development may provide the opportunity to downsize, upgrade and remain in one’s neighbourhood. Good design and quality construction are important ingredients, with a result that can sometimes be cost neutral. If you are interested in the possibility of building in your backyard please give us a call.

Marklews’ Mornington Townhouse development won the HIA 2012 Regional Award for ‘Best Townhouse/Villa Development (2-6 Dwellings)’. Says Brian Marklew, “Winning this award certainly reinforces our belief that we ticked all the boxes in the design process, and then executed the detail to a standard better than anyone else”.