What we do

GREAT DESIGNS, great builders – at Marklews we have been designing and building great homes for and with our clients, for more than 35 years. As design leaders in the housing industry, our formula for successful client relationships is a proven one. Marklews Architect Design Service embraces your brief and combines your ideas with the knowledge, creativity and professional input of builder, architect and interior designer to create, then detail, your beautiful new home.

Marklews’ design philosophy is about balance. Balance in lifestyle requirements, aesthetics, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, while remaining conscious of the client’s investment value.

Although most well known for award-winning home designs, there are other aspects to the Marklews portfolio. Renovation and remodelling works are a breath of new life, particularly for our older homes, while adding significant value and producing Housing Awards as evidence of a job well done.

Small stand-alone commercial and retail projects have demonstrated that good residential design principles are transferable to commercial situations.

Dual occupancy, medium density and small lot developments are buzz words, but certainly the direction of the future in housing. We have recreated an apartment within a warehouse; built on sites as narrow as 4.5 metres; and divided a number of residential sites into two, three or four homes. These projects, either for clients or for ourselves, have always been done sensitively, with an understanding of orientation and attention to detail.

An individually designed home is a matter of process and most importantly, getting those processes right. Before meeting to discuss a design brief both builder and architect inspect your site and discuss features, constraints and complications.

It’s our belief that good design should respond to the needs of the future, drawing from the past without aiming to recreate out-dated architectural trends.