Where we’re going

WE LIVE in a great time for home design and home building.

The Marklews vision is to make a positive difference for its clients in terms of both the livability and functionality of their homes. This commitment extends to ensuring all our homes are lifestyle conscious, passive solar responsive and less energy consumptive. It further extends to pursuing the latest technology, and setting design trends rather than following them. We have always been passionate about these commitments and will strive for the best outcome for our clients, now and in the future.

Australia is referred to as the ‘Lucky Country’ and Melbourne as ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’. We can be justly proud of our country, our city and the standard of living we enjoy. However, on the flip side, Australia is in the Top 10 global polluters per capita. We build the world’s largest homes for ourselves, yet we complain about rising energy costs.

Environmental responsibility is in our hands. It is our opportunity and our obligation to realistically do what we can to reduce our footprint.

All new homes are required to achieve a Six Star Energy Rating, but passive design goes further. Embodied energy should be considered in home building, as well as in other purchases. We would enjoy helping you to achieve your objectives in your home and with its environmental footprint.